About MACR

Who Are We?

The Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans (MACR) is a student organization created to support and spread conservative ideals on college campuses across the state.


The Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans operates as a branch of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), which is the nation's oldest, largest and most active youth political organization. Founded in 1892, the CRNC includes over 1,800 campus organizations in all 50 states and D.C.

"If the MACR existed solely as a reminder that dissenting opinions exist on college campuses, that alone would be enough to get excited about. The fact that we're about so much more than that is, quite simply, icing on the cake."- Rocco Giordano, former MACR Western Vice Chair

Our Mission

The Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans is the largest youth force supporting conservative values in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It is the pledge and the responsibility of the Alliance to support College Republicans on campuses throughout Massachusetts, encourage communication and networking among chapter clubs, and perpetually challenge the hostile ideological environment on college campuses throughout Massachusetts.

The MACR seeks to help in ending the one-party state of mind in the Commonwealth by bringing about a more tolerant and intellectual atmosphere among students of higher education and among all residents.

The MACR will continue to raise the profile of conservative causes by promoting lectures, debates, conservative publications, and cooperation among the chapter clubs of the Alliance. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!

"College Republicans in MA are indispensable to local and state politics, and working in a blue state makes MACR a tightly knit community. The role of MACR leadership is not only to know our chapters and members' names. We rely on their creativity and leadership to collaboratively move the alliance forward, and that dynamic is what sets MACR apart."

- Ava Mack, Former MACR Co-Chair

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