History of MACR

Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans was officially recognized as an organization in 1916, but its history predates that. One of the first College Republican chapters founded in Massachusetts was at Amherst College, and one of their first members was future Massachusetts Governor, President of the United States, and conservative icon Calvin Coolidge.



It did not take long for political leaders to realize the significance and importance of reaching out to College Republicans in Massachusetts. During President Taft's re-election campaign of 1912, the President made many campaign stops via train all across Massachusetts, including many towns with colleges such as Bridgewater.

President Taft addressing College Republicans from his train car in Bridgewater, Massachusetts (1912)
President Calvin Coolidge

In the following decades, many notable political figures we know today started out by being involved in Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans. Future First Lady and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton was Chairman of the Wellesley College Republicans; and played a big role in getting College Republicans involved in Barry Goldwater's 1964 Presidential campaign in Massachusetts.

Wellesley College Republican Chairman Hillary Clinton
Jack Abramoff meeting President Reagan in the White House
College Republican volunteers at a MassVictory office making calls for
Scott Brown
Governor Charlie Baker speaking to MACR
MACR 2017 Convention

Another notable member of Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans is lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Jack Abramoff was part of the College Republicans Chapter at Brandeis University, quickly rising through the ranks to become Chairman of MACR (1980-1981), and eventually Chairman of the College Republican National Committee. He would go on to address the 1984 Republican National Convention and was invited to the White House to meet President Reagan.

Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans have continued conservative activism by organizing grassroots campaigns, helping get Republican candidate for Governor Mitt Romney elected. The 2010 US Senate special election victory for Scott Brown shocked the world, and the victory is thanks in part to the hundreds of MACR volunteers who knocked doors and made calls in support of Senator Brown. 

In 2014, Charlie Baker was elected Governor of Massachusetts, thanks again in part to the hundreds of MACR volunteers who helped his campaign through the MassVictory grassroots program. Governor Baker would receive over 40% of the youth vote, unprecedented for a Republican candidate, and since elected has been the most popular Governor in the United States. MACR Chairman at the time, Ted Dooley, would go on to become Co-Chair of CRNC.

In 2016, MACR Chairman Ben Rajadurai and MACR Secretary Jason Ross each helped run a MassVictory grassroots field office in their counties, and recruited hundreds of College Republican volunteers to help out on both local and national Republican campaigns, helping deliver wins on all levels and helping 2016 become the most successful year for the Massachusetts Republican Party since 1984. Jason Ross would go on to succeed Ben as the current Chairman of MACR, and Ben Rajadurai would go on to run for Northeast Regional Vice Chairman for CRNC.

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